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Hartford Cascading Solar Fountain Birdbath

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Hartford Cascading Solar Fountain Birdbath

$ 99.95

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AquaJet Cascading Solar Fountain

Our Hartford Cascading Solar Fountain constructed from durable metal with a weatherproof hand finished glaze over earth-toned dyed clay. The water cascades through five clay dishes. The sunlight not only shimmers off of the trickling water and beautifully glazed finish but also powers the discrete 6-volt fountain pump. The Hartford Solar Cascading Solar Fountain gives off an ideal soothing sound perfect for a calming effect in an office on a deck or patio or out in a garden. It is easy to optimize exposure to the sun as you can place the solar panel from our AquaJet solar fountain pump up to 10 feet away from the fountain. This allows you to place The Hartford Cascading Solar Fountain anywhere in your garden or patio and your solar panel can still receive direct sunlight. Once in place sit back and enjoy the power of the sun at no electrical cost to you!


  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15 diameter x 19 tall
  • Material: terracotta with protective glazing (see photos)


  • Frost resistant
  • Stand made of durable metal
  • Includes newer high-performance pump system
  • A relaxing addition to your home or office