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Build Your Own 12W Solar Panel Kit

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Build Your Own 12W Solar Panel Kit

$ 55.00


Get a free copy of our PV Solar Power Output Lab when you purchase this DIY solar panel kit (a $9.99 value)!

Our DIY 12W Solar Panel Kit includes all the necessary components to construct your very own 12W Solar Panel. The kit includes 30 of our 1000mA 0.55W commercial solar cells interconnection material flux soldering iron and complete instructions. These kits have never before been offered online and are recommended by several Universities and personal buyers.

Receive a sense of accomplishment while creating a product that is good for our environment. We also have other fun Solar Educational Kits.


  • Components to Construct 12V 12W Battery Charging Solar Panel
  • Detailed Assembly Instructions
  • Soldering Iron
  • Liquid Flux for Easy Soldering
  • Soldering and Wiring Diagrams
  • Interconnection Material


  • Solar Cell Dimensions – 2.95″ x  1.88″
  • Dimensions (when constructed from preferred design) – 20″ x 6″
  • Electrical Output – 18V @ 0.7A DC
  • Includes thirty 1000mA 0.55W Commercial Solar Cells – P-Maxx-1000mA

New to working with solar cells?  Try building your first panel with our P-Maxx Scrap Cells!

How Solar Panels Work:

In 1839 Edmond Becquerel discovered the process of using sunlight to produce an electric current in a solid material. However it was not until over a century later that the process was truly understood.
Scientists learned that it is the photoelectric or photovoltaic (PV) effect which causes certain materials to convert light energy into electrical energy at the atomic level.

The photoelectric effect is the physical process by which a PV cell converts sunlight into electricity. When light shines on a PV cell it may be reflected absorbed or pass right through. Only
light which is absorbed generates electricity.

The energy of the absorbed light is transferred to electrons in the atoms of the PV cell. With their newfound energy these electrons escape from their normal positions in the atoms of the semiconductor PV material and become part of the electrical flow or current in an
electrical circuit. A special electrical property of the PV cell which we call a built-in electric field provides the force (voltage) needed to drive the current through an external load such as a light bulb.


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New to working with solar cells?  Try building your first panel with our P-Maxx- Scrap Cells!

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