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3V 100mA OEM Solar Panel

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3V 100mA OEM Solar Panel

$ 3.50

SolMaxx OEM 3V 100mA: Factory Direct from Silicon Solar the OEM Solar Panel is rated at 3V / 100mA / 0.3W and is perfect for commercial solar product construction as well as educational solar applications at home or in school. The OEM Solar Panel is from Silicon Solar’s best commercial grade solar cells and most durable components and encapsulation material.

OEM Solar Panels: These OEM Solar Panels from Silicon Solar are designed and manufactured to industry standards producing conversion efficiencies of 13% and are built using the latest encapsulation technologies available in commercial solar module construction.

Specializing in small and large production runs we are capable of fully customizing solar panels for your specific needs in addition to the panels noted below. Encapsulation consists of non-yellowing acrylic 1/8 fiberglass board with solder pads on the back.



  • High density crystalline solar cells
  • Custom manufacturing available upon request



  • Voltage:  3V
  • Amperage:  100mA
  • Wattage:  0.3W
  • Dimensions:  2.81 (L) x 2.81 (H)
  • Depth:  0.13





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